Are you a licensed producer or just a master grower of Cannabis, weed, Marijuana?
The best way to raise funds is through the CSE, the Canadian Stock Exchange.

You won’t be able to get a bank loan or small business financing.
If your group is needing help filling out the License application for Health Canada, DON’T SPEND $250,000. Call us and we can refer you to top professionals. 
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The Cannabis Act provides a legal and lucrative way to grow and sell Cannabis for medical and Recreational purposes.

The new Canadian Cannabis licensing system allows for micro and standard cultivation, and processing licenses allowing the licenses to sell in both the medical and markets if they elect such activities in Health Canada’s online application process.

The major difference between medical and recreational is that Cannabis for medical purposes is sold directly to patients but Cannabis for the recreational market is sold though Provincial Government outlets and licensed dispensaries. Another significant difference is the provision of micro licenses providing opportunity for small business. There is no import or export of cannabis in the recreational market.

Medical producers will continue to have the ability to import and export Cannabis and Cannabis products through a permit system managed by Health Canada.

Alternative Options for Cannabis Business Financing
Is Bank Financing Possible?
All major banks are regulated by the federal government—and since the federal government made Cannabis legal, right?
Because of the odd bank regulations associated with this industry, most banks will turn down the loan.
Other options for starting a (L.P) weed business are debt financing and equity financing. Most of your options are from alternative lenders, venture capital firms that specialize in cannabis investments.

Equity Funding

Funding with equity is relatively hot right now, as cannabis is seen as an emerging industry. As a reminder, there are three main ways to get equity funding: angel investors, venture capital firms, and crowdfunding.

Venture Capital

There are many Vulture Capital, I mean venture capital firms that focus specifically on cannabis, Weed, Marijuana seed to sale, vertical integration companies. If you’re beyond the seed funding stage, then we can help.

Angel Investors

Yes, we have an angel investor network interested in investing in marijuana. 

Unsecured loans and Lenders

While many traditional financing institutions aren’t willing to work with cannabis businesses, there are lender networks interested in investing in Cannabis, marijuana. We have groups in the USA, Canada, Dubai, and Europe.
To approach this group, you will need a slick business plan and assets.

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