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IPO formation, Public Shells, Reverse Mergers, venture capital and Public Company listings are our business. The IPO Center forms Public Companies and enables you to “Go Public” with an initial public offering (IPO), or alternatively, get an immediate listing on the OTCBB by purchasing one of several existing trading companies we have from $145,000 to $450,000 clean with full history. There are over 15,000 listed public companies in the USA and almost any company, including a start-up, can Go Public with a reverse merger, IPO or over the counter bulletin board (OTCBB) company listing. As an alternative, we can have your company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Deutsche Borse is the largest in Europe.

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Our legal team will form an IPO for you, then get the Company listed to enable you to raise venture capital in a public float. Our fee is extremely cost-effective and includes all filings, a ticker symbol and a market maker, and once we have approval from the SEC and NASD, you will have a trading and fully reporting NASD-OTC company for an extremely competitive price. We specialize in securities reporting compliance, registration, exempt offerings and taking companies public on major stock quotation exchanges.  We have top Securities Lawyers to get you the best listings for the best price. Our Lawyers are devoted exclusively to corporate and securities law,  such as initial public offerings (IPOs), SCOR registrations, private placements and registration statements under the Securities Act of 1933.

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The IPO Center is a leader in helping start-ups (pre revenue) in the US and Canada. We offer a start to finish process for new or existing businesses to take their business public quickly and efficiently and raise the necessary capital to fund the business and future growth. Our record time is 3 months from time of audit.

Reverse mergers

A “reverse merger ” is a method by which a private company goes public. In a reverse merger, a private company merges with a public company that usually has neither assets nor liabilities, referred to as a “shell” corporation. The public company is called a “shell” since all that exists is its corporate structure. By merging into such an entity, a private company becomes a public company.

The Canadian Securities Exchange is an exchange designed specifically to meet the needs of public companies and investors. Streamlined issuer regulation is made possible by the CSE requirement for enhanced disclosure. With practical and effective regulatory oversight and modern technology, the CSE provides an efficient stock exchange that fosters integrity, transparency and liquidity.

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