IPO formation, Public Shells, Reverse Mergers, venture capital and Public Company listings are our business. The IPO Center forms Public Companies and enables you to “Go Public” with an initial public offering (IPO), or alternatively, get an immediate listing on the OTCBB by purchasing one of several existing trading companies we have from $145,000 to $450,000 clean with full history.

There are over 15,000 listed public companies in the USA and almost any company, including a start-up, can Go Public with a reverse merger, IPO or over the counter bulletin board (OTCBB) company listing.
As an alternative, we can have your company listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Deutsche Borse is the largest in Europe. See Frankfurt Exchange Listing


Our legal team will form an IPO for you, then get the Company listed to enable you to raise venture capital in a public float. Our fee is extremely cost-effective and includes all filings, a ticker symbol and a market maker, and once we have approval from the SEC and NASD, you will have a trading and fully reporting NASD-OTC company for an extremely competitive price.

‘Going Public’ explained

Going Public (or participating in an “initial public offering” or IPO) is the process by which a business owned by one or several individuals is converted into a business owned by many. It involves the offering of part ownership of the company to the public through the sale of equity securities (stock).

The main advantages are

Increases other financing prospects

Better situated for making acquisitions

A stronger capital base

Owner diversification

Executive compensation

Greater credibility in business transactions

Increases company and personal prestige

Go Public

How we assist you with your IPO formation

We specialize in securities reporting compliance, registration, exempt offerings and taking companies public on major stock quotation exchanges.  We have top Securities Lawyers to get you the best listings for the best price.

Our Lawyers are devoted exclusively to corporate and securities law,  such as initial public offerings (IPOs), SCOR registrations, private placements and registration statements under the Securities Act of 1933. We also take care of all your Securities and Exchange Commission regulatory compliance.

We help take your development stage company public and obtain a quote on the NASD OTC Bulletin Board or other stock quotation services. Our legal team does the legal work so your company can sell stock to the public under a fully registered offering or appropriate exemption, as well as obtaining the necessary blue sky compliance and approval for secondary trading. Our lawyers also prepare and file company information statements for sponsoring market makers with the NASD.

You are introduced to our network investment funding sources, institutional funds and investment banks. Most investment banks and funds will not invest in private companies but having a Public Company gives you access to greater capital sources including public money.

New IPO Formation – To Summarize

On your behalf, our lawyers form a new Public Company to enable your existing company to go public with an initial public offering (IPO) or we can do a complete start-up Public Company from scratch.

Take care of all your legal company filings and company registrations.

Arrange all the compliance documentation with the SEC.

As an alternative to an IPO, we can build a Pink Sheet company and have it listed for you.

Prepare and file your new company information statements for the NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers).

Have the BEST price on Nasdaq-OTC public vehicles.

We currently have ready-made US corporate trading companies for sale from US$145,000 and up.

Please phone us at: toll free 855-275-9152 for information and pricing.

Cannabis, Coins and Tokens links on each page takes you through to the US SEC website. Probably not what you want.

It has never been easier and faster to go Public on the CSE or USA OTCQB. A great way to raise Venture Capital, Seed Capital, for your IPO (Initial Public Offer)

What are the benefits of taking your company public?

You get your working capital and expansion capital while keeping control of your company. The bank turned you down or you don’t want a bank loan. Without seed capital, venture capital, investment financing your company may run out of money. An IPO is just a slick business plan with a lot of disclosures. Self-funding can only last so long.

There are Many successful ways to go public. Buying a shell company and doing on RTO. Going public on the CSE stock market,via a private placement memorandum (PPM) than to an

Assist in drafting the Listing Application Letter (Form 1A)

Assist in drafting the Listing Application (Form 1B)

Assist in drafting the Listing Statement (Form 2A) – where applicable

Assist with navigating the agent’s due diligence request list, responses and due diligence calls

Reserve your stock symbol