From USA or Canadian Cannabis (Medical Marijuana) Hemp or other sectors.THE LOWEST COST LEADER IN CANADIAN IPO’S (FIXED FEES)
The Canadian Securities Exchange is an exchange designed specifically to meet the needs of public companies and investors. Streamlined issuer regulation is made possible by the CSE requirement for enhanced disclosure. With practical and effective regulatory oversight and modern technology, the CSE provides an efficient stock exchange that fosters integrity, transparency and liquidity.
Benefits to the CSE-listed companies
– Streamlined regulatory model – no transactional reviews/approvals/fees
– No mandatory sponsorship requirements to obtain a listing
– An automated, regulated and transparent market
– Visibility for listed companies
– A model that attracts dealer participation
– Competitive fees for issuers
– Visibility on
– Provides a centralized resource for dynamic information about the CSE listed companies/dealers, the CSE market data and exchange information
– Listed Company pages in the Securities Directory provide widespread visibility for issuers and easy access to information
– The CSE listed companies can quickly, securely and cost-effectively provide investors with all required disclosure documentation
– Quotes and current trading activity and historical trade data
– Market depth (displays by order and by price), largest increases/decreases, top ten issues, market summaries of daily, weekly, and monthly CSE trading activity Liquidity
– An automated exchange that allows immediate execution
– Trading system displays full depth of market
– Quotes, market depth (displays by price and by order) and current trading information are all available at real-time data is available from all major data vendors.
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The CSE’s objective is to provide the lowest cost of Canadian public capital for entrepreneurs. The CSE is a recognized stock exchange designed to meet the needs of small cap companies and theirinvestors. It provides a low-cost listing and fairly quick turn around. The CSE has an advanced trading system that focuses liquidity in a single electronic order book that ensuresclient priority while enabling participating dealers to act as market makers. The CSE is recognized by theUnited States Securities and Exchange Commission as a great way to duel list your ticker symboland conform to Regulation S
Why should I go public on the CSE (Canadian Stock Exchange) Many call it the Cannabis Stock Exchange.
– For start-up companies needing funding and a great exit strategy, The CSE is the best case as it has a lower listing cost, and a flat fee, all-inclusive fee structure as opposed to the TSXV’s (Toronto Stock Exchange Venture) percentage charges for each transaction.”
– The U.S. OTCQB is also the best case for start-ups as well. Dual listings are also very popular for offshore and domestic corporations.
– The CSE has a flat fee of $13,500 to list a company. The TSXV has a minimum fee of $10,000 and a maximum fee of $40,000. TSXV determines the fee based on the deemed value of issued shares and in my experience usually falls in the $25 to $30k range.
– Once listed, the CSE charges a flat fee of $500 per month. The TSXV has an annual sustaining fee of $5200. A very big difference.
– Where the real cost difference lies is in the fees the TSXV charges for corporate actions such as private placements, agreements, etc.
– For audits, The IPO Center states that the CSE and TSXV is pretty much the same for either one. The accounting costs are mostly in quarterly financials and audit fees.
– CSE forms needed for a CSE listing. An non-brokered offering.This means you don’t need a stock broker to sponsor your offering.
We handle the following for you:
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– Assist in drafting the Listing Application Letter (Form 1A)
– Assist in drafting the Listing Application (Form 1B)
– Assist in drafting the Listing Statement (Form 2A) – where applicable
– Assist with navigating the agent’s due diligence request list, responses and due diligence calls

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